What To Frame In A Shadow Box

You can hang more than pictures or paintings on your wall. Thanks to new framing methods, more substantial items are hung for the world, or at least your guests, to see. Shadow boxes are unique frames for 3D art. The deep-set frame acts as a “case” for something that would get shelved instead of being hung on the wall.

Baby Casts
Having a child is a memorable occasion and some parents get impressions and casts of their baby’s hands and feet made. Mounting the moulds with the birth certificate will make a great piece to put in the living area, the entrance way or even the nursery. Shadow boxes can be made deep enough to accommodate the size of the casts’.

Medals should be displayed with pride and are easy to mount in a shadow box. Specific measures for older medals should be taken to preserve them, such as glass that protects the contents from UV rays.

Shadow boxes for medals are a common framing option to bring them out of the draw (or off the shelf).

Nature pieces
Pressed flowers and leaves create a lovely scrapbook. Now they make a lovely wall hanging. Shadow boxes with a natural wood frame and matte backing bring the scrapbook off the shelf and onto the wall.

The options for this category are endless; a scrap from your grandma’s veil, an old Tiffany necklace or perhaps an Olympic medal? These can make great conversation starters if you choose to hang them in a prime location, such as the dining room or living area.

Shadow boxes are bringing items out of the drawer and into the public view. Baby casts, medals, pressed flowers and heirlooms only touch the surface of what you can “box up”. When you bring items to a framer, they will work around what you have in mind to bring a beautiful shadow box to life.