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Items Worth Framing

When people value something, they either place it away in storage or have it framed and put on display. Parent’s hang their children’s paintings in the home, and art dealers have selected pieces which they choose to display in galleries. Here are some items that are worth conserving with custom framing.

Historical items

In museums, you will see books, letters and other items with historical significance in display cases. Why not do the same at home? You might not have room for a case but you can get a nice frame to fit your piece.

Heritage homes have been known to have hidden treasures in the walls. Imagine, items from a hundred years past just waiting to be found again. In 2012, The Block contestants Mike and Andrew found letters from old homeowners hidden behind a fireplace in their apartment. The letters dated from Federation Australia, all the way to World War II when members of the family were fighting overseas. Rather than put them away or donate to a museum, the brothers had them framed and hung in the living room.

Sports memorabilia

Australia’s sporting teams love signing jerseys for charity auctions. These jerseys are normally custom-framed and surrounded with action shots of the players whose signatures feature on the jersey.

Other popular sporting items frequently framed are signed cricket bats, stumps and game balls. Due to the bulkiness of three dimensional items like these, a shadow box frame is often required.

Textiles & Silks

Museums often use conservation custom framing when preparing exotic tapestries and silks for display. Why not do the same thing for your home? This same approach is taken when framing other delicate textiles such as silk scarves, quilts, ribbons and flags.

When you’re on a trip overseas, you might’ve bought some delicate items like silk scarves. Though it was a fun buy at the time, when you get home there’s either no occasion to wear it or you have worries over possible stains. Delicate or old and fragile items get framed and later displayed in high traffic areas, like the living or dining room.

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